NaNoWriMo – HAWK update 4

In keeping with this post my graphic was my first attempt at something.  In that case it was oil pastel.  I knew the theory, draw the piece in oil pastel then use linseed oil to blend as you go.  I made fair progress with that attempt I feel, considering it was my first with that medium.

Anonymus glamour girl in oil pastels

With regard to the NaNoWriMo, it’s my first attempt at writing a novel in a month, whatever standard the writing.  I’m pleased to report that with six days to go I have 42,000 words written, or put another way I have today finished Chapter 12 in my novel.

When I first set out to complete the task I worried a little about the massive word count and my ability to continue a cohesive tale beyond my usual short story parameters.  Once I’d gone beyond Chapter 10 that ceased to be my main concern.  I’m now confident that I can do this thing but my anxiety is more to do with ensuring I finish it properly as opposed to in a timely manner.

There will be one more HAWK update after this one where I will be able to spill out my joy (hopefully) at having succeeded.

I found out today that another of my short stories, ‘Debt of Honour’ has been published in an anthology but I’ll write about that later.  For now the day belongs to getting on with Chapter 13 and as I decided at the outset, I’m still aiming to hold the entire story to a maximum 15 chapters.