Another short story published

Are you coming in or what?

What could be the connection between this drawing from 1990 and this post?  None really, the drawing just reminds me of a time when I enjoyed the job I did.

My short story, ‘DEBT OF HONOUR’ is now published by in an anthology of short stories by the Darlington writing group, the Inkerman Writers.

The book is called, ‘CHRISTOPHE’S FAREWELL AND OTHER SHORT STORIES’.  There are sixteen stories in the anthology but I’m delighted to report that my own is the first in the book.  In itself that might not sound special, but it means that when the book is previewed my story can be read in it’s entirety.

I’m still coming down to earth from my NaNoWriMo experience so haven’t written much today.  My intention is to use my newly acquired Kindle for a couple of days and catch up on some reading.  I got my Kindle early in November and although I’ve downloaded a few books onto it I have yet to use it for longer than a few minutes.

One thought on “Another short story published

  1. Carmen

    Well, I wonder what kind of job you were doing in 1990.
    Again congratulations on your short story! You are an amazing writer!
    The first story is always the most read and maybe there is a reason for putting it first, such as, it will encourage people to read more. If the first story is crappy, we often put the book down for another day, like on a day we are flying, or really bored. 🙂


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