Deadly Nightshade

Emma – codename ‘Nightshade’

I’m using the title and graphic from my latest short story to give this post a bit of bite, though having said that, I wouldn’t advise biting into the plant of the same name.  ‘Deadly Nightshade’ is the title of the latest of my short stories to grace my links here although this particular version has been overhauled from the first write of three years ago.  The story and my heroine were inspired by a lovely young colleague I worked with at the time of the first draft.  In her honour I’ve continued to use her name for the character, Emma.  In the story, the character has remained true to the appearance, background and skills of her original conception.  Thanks to a comment by my good friend Carmen I’ve now endowed ‘Nightshade’ with more skills – but you’d have to read the story to find out what they are.  She is essentially an assassin, Nightshade that is, not Carmen, but unlike other characters Nightshade may go on to new adventures if her exploits are enjoyed sufficiently on Circalit.  I like to try to make some clever, if not pretty loose connection from my post to the graphics I use and also on occasion a connection to my writing or life itself.  Today my countless (or should that be numberless?) followers will learn that this post is no different.  As an added piece of photographic entertainment I’m even using two graphics.  How generous is that!

Deadly Nightshade – the plant

Just as the ingredients of the Deadly Nightshade plant can have dramatic results, so too can our decisions in life.  Even as I write this piece the cogs of a large company are turning and somewhere in there is a man fighting my corner to help me change my working routine.  What has that to do with writing?  Well you may ask and the answer is ‘quite a lot actually’.  I hope in the relatively near future to reduce my time at my ‘day job’ in order to increase my time at writing.

I’m not so dillusional that I think I’ll be able to produce a prize winning novel or a money spinning anthology of my short stories.  The aim is essentially to reduce my working hours and simultaneaously get a position closer to home which will in turn reduce my travel time.  In recent months I’ve given a lot of serious thought to my quality of life.  Some things are beyond our personal control on a daily basis but if I’m ever going to make a stand as a writer it has to be now.  My entry to the Good Housekeeping / Orion Books competition is probably already part of a landfill site.  I didnt’ want to die of asphyxia so I didn’t hold my breath on that one, but true to my word, I’m still working on the novel.  ‘HAWK, A HUMAN HUNTER’, remember it now?  The aforementioned competition not surprisingly attracted several thousand entries and on 4th May the winner was announced … and no, it wasn’t me.

I’m not about to publicly discuss all my plans, but I do have plans and they don’t include the train journeys I presently undertake to get to work.  As a hint, I would like to widen my scope with regards to my writing output and if I happened to earn some money along the way, well that would be nice.  I don’t envisage my life changing overnight, but for anyone who is willing to visit and read my posts, you at least will be among the select few to live my dream … or will it be nightmare?  No, I think we’ll stick with the positive, so as the more optimistic side of me would suggest, ‘watch this space ….‘  Oh yes, and thank you for visiting and reading.

2 thoughts on “Deadly Nightshade

  1. chloefb

    I didn’t win either. Sigh. Probably a good thing as I’ve already re-written the whole of that first section to make it better! I wasn’t really ready for the competition (not that I’m suggesting I would have won if I had been!)

    Altering the work-life balance is great, and even if you don’t have plans to win prizes or get published your writing will get SO much better just from spending more time on it. The biggest leap in my writing came when I started being serious about it. That’s so important. I hope it all works out for you… x


    1. Hi Chloe. Thank you for the comment and reassuring me that things will improve. Time will tell and if I don’t get better it won’t be because of lack of effort. On the subject of effort, I’ll get over to your place later today to see what you’re up to. x


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