What’s new?

What’s new?  The painting I’ve used for my graphic for one thing.  I finished it today and thoroughly enjoyed producing it.  I based it on one of the series of photographs I took on a recent visit to Blair Castle.  I was with my wife for a short break in Pitlochry in the Scottish Highlands.

Stream through the forest – Blair Castle, Perthshire

On the castle grounds are a network of paths, some leading from the main path up to a beautiful walled garden.  Crossing the bridge takes the visitor to the impressive garden.

Apart from that, I’ve had another minor writing success.  A few days ago I got my copy of Writers’ Forum delivered and right there on the Writers’ Circle (readers’ letters) pages is my letter about reading a ‘chick lit’ author’s book.  I was raving about ‘Want To Know A Secret?‘ by Sue Moorcroft, which after reading recently, I wrote a review here.  Having that letter published got me another Moleskine notebook, so it can go with my other two.  They’re too expensive to buy … don’t ask me how I know.

Early in July I had a readers’ letter published in Writing Magazine.  That one was to extol the virtues of Wunderlist, the task/project management program.  It’s a FREE download so check it out on my Blogroll.  You don’t have to be a writer to use it because it’s a useful program for anyone who likes to keep track of what’s going on in life without resorting to a diary on their phone.

I’ve now progressed to Chapter 6 of ‘Ten Days’, my romantic novel.  This is the second draft which has seen a change of viewpoint from omniscient to third person.  As I’ve said previously, I’ll soon be posting a jacket blurb to let folk know what it’s all about … apart from being romantic fiction set in Central America.  There’s always more to life than love.  Isn’t there?