60 today

No, it’s not a title, it’s a fact.  I’m 60 today and though I don’t feel old, I do feel kind of strange ….  What’s the loose connection between me and Edinburgh Castle?  Well, we’re both Scottish and we’ve both been around a while.
Edinburgh Castle – it’s been around a while
Apart from that I’ve just come back from a visit to Edinburgh with my wife.  We had two pleasant days up there and most of the second day was spent at the castle.  We both felt like a short break and enjoyed two days of good weather too – as seen by the photograph.
I’m back now and working hard on my novel once again.  Outside agencies have dealt with the cover design and the critique and editing of the first five chapters – and I have just about completed what will be the fourth draft.  Only days away from publication now and it’s all getting very exciting.
I’ve prepared a marketing strategy, which includes the sending out of my recently designed business card and I’m now going to concentrate my efforts on getting my hard work out there and read by as many people as possible.  A lot of folk are of the opinion that getting as far as the e-publishing is easy and that the hardest part is getting it noticed, so I’ll shortly be able to test that theory.

For now, I think it’s time I left this birthday memo and got on with my job – of finishing off my final edit.

2 thoughts on “60 today

  1. chloefb

    Happy birthday! Sounds like you’re doing really well with the novel – well done for getting an outsider to critique and edit. I hope you get your marketing in place and surprise yourself with success. God bless you.


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