World Wildlife Rhymes

Okay, I may not be David Attenborough but I bet he doesn’t write poetry.   Rhyme Scenes - Volume Three

I’m pleased to announce that this evening I’ve published my third book of verse.  The latest ebook is called, ‘Rhyme Scenes, Volume Three – Natural History’.  It features 45 pieces based on fact, insight and imagination.  As I have done so far some of the work is written from personal experience or observation.

In order to get sufficient information across in some cases I’ve made the topic into a short series of poems; five poems about the Big Cats, four poems on wildlife Survival in a variety of climates.  I believe that mankind is responsible for the majority of devastation and loss of natural habitat around the world – and that shows in my writing.

If you enjoy reading and learning about the world around you, I’m confident you’ll enjoy this collection.  My aim is always to entertain, but if I can slip in some education at the same time, so much the better.  With that in mind, here is a direct link to the eBook on my Smashwords pages: