Write … into 2014 we go …

I’m sure the thought is shared by many; to get everything in order, ready to start the new year with fresh projects. It’s a great idea, and in the case of writers I would suggest it applies to our writing projects as much, if not more than anything else. 

         Blog post - January 2014     

My own short list to start the year has solid foundations.

1. I’ve already sent my first Reader’s Letter of the year to a writing magazine.

2. The new romance, ‘Amsterdam Calling’, is underway, and I’m sending the first two chapters and synopsis as an entry into a writing competition.

3. My humorous look at marrying into the military, ‘User’s Guide: Soldier’, is being sent to a site that requests humour in any format. I’ve posted ‘User’s Guide …’ on my website, blog, Pinterest and Facebook, and I’m pleased to report that it has now been read in excess of 27,000 times.

4. One of my short stories, ‘Simply Irresistible’ is winging it’s way as a submission to a magazine, so hopefully I’ll soon be reporting acceptance.

5. However things work out with my romance novel, I intend to start work in earnest on my coming of age story, ‘A Life of Choice’.  

Apart from writing, I have a good stock of books to read, both in paperback and on my Kindle. Before getting into any of my projects, I’ll spend an hour going through my tray to get me back to that state we know as ‘organised’.

Whatever you’re intentions, I wish you luck to accompany your expertise in the new year. 


2 thoughts on “Write … into 2014 we go …

  1. Marlayne

    Wonderful piece Tom. I’m excited to see you doing so much with writing and contributing so we’ll have more of your work to read. You are excellent in writing and giving advice for which I’m grateful. As the New Year begins, I hope you receive all that you desire on all levels. Thank you for your remarks on my stories and taking time out of a busy schedule to read them. I need to get organized and busy as well. Thank you.


  2. Tom! Woah! You’re busy. My new year’s resolution is to also get my writing out there. Well done on User’s Guide being so popular. You deserve it. And as an aside – a question to Marlayne: Hello. You’ve read one of my stories on Storgy and left a positive comment. Thanks for that – I’d like to return the favour if you have a blog/site? Happy New Year to both of you, and continued success with your writing.


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