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Amsterdam Calling - the cover 260714In the wake of having recently reviewed the writing of others, and formatting for another writer, I thought it was time for a little self-indulgence.

My latest novel, Amsterdam Calling, was born from a simple idea. Knowing that I had visited Amsterdam several times, I was asked by a friend to describe the city and some of its many attractions.

I developed the plot from there.

In a similar style to some of my other work, I used two main characters to create an interactive partnership from early on in the tale.

Dan is an investigative journalist from the UK, who, for reasons that rapidly become apparent, feels the need to, ‘lie low’ for a while.

Crystal is a fashion designer from the USA, but her heritage lies in the Netherlands. She flies from Chicago to New York to attend the reading of her father’s will, and is handed two letters by the family lawyer. Crystal decides to visit Europe for the first time, to find her roots; in Amsterdam.

The two travellers meet at Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol, and continue the journey to the city together.

As Crystal starts to uncover her family’s history, she realises that her distant relatives were heavily involved in the Dutch Resistance movement during the German occupation in WWII. A neo-Nazi extremist group takes a keen interest in the American, and they stalk her.

While touring the city with his new acquaintance, Dan discovers that as a result of his recent revelations in a Sunday newspaper, somebody has been tasked with bringing him to account, and not in a good way.

As the story develops, the reader is taken on a tour of many places of interest, in and around Amsterdam, including some of the finest museums in the world.

I delayed publication of the book for over a month, whilst I awaited permission from certain establishments to use their copyrighted names. I think it was worth the wait, and now as sales get underway, I await my first reviews.

Why not sample the beginning of the story on, or

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    1. Hi Veronica and thanks for dropping by. I’m sure if you choose my new book you’ll be transported back to that beautiful city. If you’d like to see your name transported into the front pages – just write me a review. 🙂
      I’ve been really busy in recent weeks, because apart from getting ‘Amsterdam Calling’ out there, I’ve been working alongside my website designer to produce my new author site. It is now live, or at least, since about two hours ago.
      I’ll be checking you out on my patrols in the next couple of days.
      Take care.


  1. Thank you once again Paul, and in particular for the comprehensive review – which as you know, is what we all strive for. I enjoyed the double journey it took me on, so I’m hopeful that with reviews like yours it will start to pick up in popularity.

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