A Taste of Honey – 1st draft completed



Okay, so things didn’t go exactly according to plan, but I’m happy with the result so far.

What was the plan?

My intention was to create a new character for a thriller, but invite input from anybody that wanted to put in ideas, for any aspect of the story. As with many things in life, it didn’t work out according to plan.

What went wrong?

I prepared and published an opening scene to try to inspire some ideas. Within a few days I had several contacts saying that folk liked the theory of it, and would like to take part. To cut a long story short, I got one concrete idea from somebody and a character name. I’ve used the character name, but the intention for the plot was too far off the mark. The only suggestion was good, but aimed at an international story. The research would have taken me until this time next year.

What went right?

I had my intro and a skeleton of a synopsis, but after several days of no feedback I set about inventing some more characters and started writing. By the time I’d written the close of the first chapter I knew where I was going and I’d discovered the pace at which to move the story forward.

I had responses from four people (fellow writers), who suggested I should go my own way to maintain my ‘voice’ throughout the story. If nothing else inspired me, then that certainly did and to come from more than one person was incredible for my confidence.

Where are we now?

1.  In a little over six weeks I’ve written the first draft of the entire novel.

2.  The first five chapters appear in this blog, still only at first draft. I have a lot of work to do.

3.  I’ve already decided that there will be a sequel and have a working title.

4.  There is a high possibility that in the sequel, certain characters from this new story will intermesh with the characters of the sequel to Beyond The Law.

5.  I’m now leaving A Taste of Honey to settle for two weeks while I work on other projects, and then in mid-October I plan to start work on the second draft.

Is there a proposed publication date?

If I can work to my usual schedule and everything falls into place – mid-December 2014.

On that happy note, I’m now off to spend some time on the other novel that I have under construction, A Life of Choice.

Thank you for dropping by.

2 thoughts on “A Taste of Honey – 1st draft completed

    1. Thank you Paul. How best can I describe it without too much detail? Mmmm. Imagine a modern day ‘Unforgiven’, mixed with ‘The Long Kiss Goodnight’ and a touch of ‘Nikita’ thrown in for good measure.
      I’m confident it will appeal to both sexes and definitely to anyone who enjoyed ‘Beyond The Law’.
      Importantly, I enjoyed writing it and I know I’ll go on to enjoy the next drafts as I fine tune it. I need it to appeal to both US and UK markets.


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