Vision to Fruition – With A Little Help From My Friends

If something is said loud enough, and for long enough, those people who might not have heard the message immediately might start to take notice …

The Quill Pen Writes

You’re Not Alone – An Indie Author Anthology

This Anthology began with a single thought…You're Not Alone 43D

 “What can I do to help?”

Faced with the realisation that I was witnesssing the beginning of the end of a fight with cancer that had raged for eight years in someone very dear to me, I felt powerless to do anything to thwart the inevitable. It was in the final days of Pamela’s life that I realised the potential that myself, and my writer friends possessed, that would enable us to make a difference.

They say that ‘Actions speak louder than words’… I beg to differ.

The words that form the stories within this compilation will draw you through a range of emotions and scenarios – all different, all unique, but all centred around one theme. Relationships.

The initial idea began when I posted a question for thought in our online Facebook based author…

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