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In the Spring of 2015, Pamela Mary Winton left mortality behind, but unknown to her, she left something else behind – and that is a legacy which will allow her to continue to help her colleagues and those in their care.


Pamela was one of those wonderful people who are collectively known as Macmillan Cancer Support UK. They provide care, support and assistance to maintain dignity for victims of cancer. How cruel a twist it was then that the same indiscriminate killer was to take Pamela from her loved ones.

In Aid of Macmillan

Ian D. Moore, was a son-in-law still mourning the tragic passing of Pamela, when his thoughts veered from anger, sorrow and loss to consider a positive and inspirational response.

He posted a request on a Facebook writers’ group of which he is a member – Indie Author Support and Discussion, to ask if any of us would like to take part in compiling an anthology. The aim was to create a collection of stories which would serve to raise funds for a worthwhile cause, act as an ongoing tribute to Pamela, and entertain all who provided support by buying the book.


Like the other 27 authors, I offered my services without hesitation. We have all been touched by cancer at some point in our lives, whether personally, or by the loss of someone dear to us, so we were all eager to help in any way we could.

We agreed at the outset that the stories would all be original work, which would give the collection a truly original flavour. It was also unanimously agreed that all profits raised from sales of the book in any format would be paid to the Pamela Mary Winton Tribute Fund to aid Macmillan Cancer Support UK. youre-not-alone-43d

Our completed book is You’re Not Alone: An Indie Author Anthology by Ian D. Moore and friends. It is available in paperback and digital format from Amazon. The collection is a kaleidoscope of stories with the common theme of ‘Relationships’.


To buy the book: Amazon UKAmazon US

In life and in relationships we all have goals, which is where I took the inspiration for my own contribution.

My short story: Goals

Here is an excerpt:

‘Alexi crossed to the door, took a deep breath and slipped her fingertips into the groove. She tugged gently, and the panel moved back silently on smooth runners. Daylight filtered into the ante-room through a slatted blind.

The room was as large as the office and fitted with the same deep-pile carpet, but the ante-room had a bed. On top of the bed, uncovered, lay a naked man. Alexi glanced at his face, at first avoiding looking at the rest of him. She assumed it was the therapist. He was on his back, breathing gently as if in a deep sleep.

Alexi looked around and saw two sets of men’s clothes. Neatly folded on a chair were trousers, socks and boxer shorts. Hanging over the back of the chair was a smart jacket that matched the trousers. There was also a shirt and tie. Underneath were shoes.

On another chair nearby was a red and white training outfit. Everything was neatly folded: a hooded-top, joggers, a vest, shorts and socks. Below the chair were red training shoes; like Matthew’s. On top of the clothing were placed a wedding ring and a watch. It was Matthew’s usual jewellery.

A few feet away there was another doorway. Alexi steeled herself for what she might find and advanced to the next room. Before stepping into what was an adjoining bathroom, she took a breath and prepared to speak to her husband.’


Now, would you like to read the whole story? Goals

Please consider buying the anthology, and help us to raise funds for Pamela’s fund to aid a wonderful organisation in such important work.

In this life, we don’t often get the chance to fight back simply by donating a little money, but this is one such opportunity.

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On behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support UK, all of those who worked so hard to assemble our fund-raising collection, and of course Pamela Mary Winton – Thank you

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  1. Hello and thank you Ramona. Many of the authors included in the book are now setting up excerpt style posts so that we can keep the book title as visible as possible in the early stages.
    Hopefully, once it has enough reviews it will capture attention on merit, but it will still be a good idea to promote occasionally.
    It’s great value too, whichever edtion folk buy. 😀


  2. Hi Cathy and thank you for the visit. I know I’m a bit biased, but apart from the value for money – the story’s are excellent and wide-ranging. 😀


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