The Max Power Reccommended Read Award 2015

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I am delighted to announce that I made it into Max Power’s Recommended Read – Top Ten. I’m sharing space with some fine authors.

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To coincide with the publication of my 100th review on amazon, The Max Power Book Awards were created to celebrate great Indie authors and to highlight the depth and quality of talented available through the world of Indie publishing.

In addition to the overall winner of the Book of the year award, the Indie Author Story-teller Award and the Max Power Choice award, ten special Authors have been awarded the Max Power Recommended Read Award for 2015.

These are books of quality that inspired me to pick them out from the 100 reviews and highlight them for a little special attention. Spread across genre, the selection criteria was strict.  Importantly the selection process was not inter-genre with each competing on its own merit across all genres. This was perhaps the most difficult challenge in terms of selection for there were so many books I have loved  that choosing ten was tough. That…

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5 thoughts on “The Max Power Reccommended Read Award 2015

  1. ramonawray

    Congratulations! 🙂 Also, the new layout looks extremely pretty. It seems we timed the redesign quite nicely 😀

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    1. Thank you Ramona, and thank you also for dropping by. Yes, I’d been dealing with the presentation of the IASD website, and I was already working on changing my other website, so it felt right to give this one an overhaul.
      Yours looks excellent, and as much as I liked it before, it’s better now. 🙂


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