G is for … Gorilla




is for – Gorilla, Goldfish, and Gull. We’ll look at Gorilla.

The Gorilla is the largest of the four ‘great apes’ which are the most closely related to humans. The others are the Orang-utan, Chimpanzee and, Bonobo.

Gorilla’s arms are longer than their legs which is pronounced on sight, because they tend to walk on all fours. Although large and fearsome looking animals, they are not aggressive unless provoked.

They are tender with their young and, highly protective. Unlike monkeys and the smaller ape species’ the Gorilla is a ground dweller and sleeps on a blanket of leaves.

Silverback Gorilla – acrylic on canvas


Species: The four sub-species of Gorilla are the Mountain Gorilla (the longest hair), Cross River Gorilla, Western Lowland Gorilla and, Eastern Lowland Gorilla (the largest sub-species).

Size: Average 5.5 – 6ft (when standing upright).

Habitat: Mountain forest and, lowland forest.

Location: Central and Western Africa.

Diet: Roots, Shoots, Leaves and, Vines.

Predators: Mankind … yes, the most famous of them all. Where mankind can’t find a way to kill or injure, he reduces or damages the habitat – and here he does all of the aforementioned.

Info / Strange Fact: Gorillas can live as long as 50 years.




6 thoughts on “G is for … Gorilla

    1. Hi Cynthia. To study gorillas takes patience and a long time to earn their trust, but to kill one only takes the guts to squeeze a trigger. I’d love to see one of the poachers trying to tackle a gorilla hand to hand.


  1. Another excellent drawing. I look into his face and see such intelligence. Humans have done damage to their habitat and species.
    Thanks for all your visits and comments on my blog during the challenge!

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    1. Hi Mary. Thank you for the visit and compliment. I’m stepping down from the challenge – as posted under H.


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