Writing Tip – POV Switching

An excellent point of view from author Eric Lahti … on point of view ….

Eric Lahti

The first book I read that switched between 1st person and 3rd person point of view was Charles Stross’s The Rhesus Chart. At first it was the normal 1st person POV I’d come to expect from Stross, but then there were little bits of 3rd person POV that popped up. It threw me for a moment because it was unexpected, but the POV change was handled skillfully enough that it added a dimension to the narrative rather than pulling me out of the story. In a way, it was more like the chorus in Greek tragedies – those folks that told what was happening when the action on the stage wasn’t happening.

I don’t know if this is a new thing – this hopping between the depth of focus that comes from 1st person narrative to the breadth of knowledge that comes from 3rd person – but it seems to be…

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One thought on “Writing Tip – POV Switching

  1. Not a very popular dramatic device nowadays, more’s the pity… The classics zig-zagged between characters like slaloming skiers; now, readers complain that they get confused and can’t keep track of what goes on in a story when the writer attempts it… It sort of feels like the opposite of progress.


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