Cowboys and Indians

I could see the 200 cavalry soldiers riding hard towards the canyon.  The dust cloud was visible for miles.  What the cavalry couldn’t see, but I could, was the 500 Indians sitting patiently in wait.  It wasn’t my concern so I would keep out of the way and observe.

My two youngsters were always ravenous so I headed home with the rabbit I was carrying.  A good meal was more important than entertainment.  Before I settled down to watch the action in the canyon I dropped the rabbit into the nest and tore it open for my two hungry chicks.

The end

2 thoughts on “Cowboys and Indians

  1. Marlayne

    Entertaining view, but little confusing at the end for me. The first part reminds me of today’s world, turn your back on things distasteful, or ignore them. Maybe I’m wrong here on all counts?


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