All kinds of Everything…

This update is written on 27 February 2014. I’ve had a look at two things recently:

1. The changes made on the poetry site  once used regularly.

2. The unused capacity of my blog.

Decision: I will shortly (with effect from 1st March 2014), start to move my poetry collection (730 pieces), here to my blog. I’d like to have it available so that readers don’t have to follow a series of links. Please bear with me, because it might take some time.

I started writing poetry in December 2007.  At first I wasn’t keen to publish my verse.  I joined The Starlite Cafe, then when  confident I started to expand the genre and forms I would attempt.  I write to suit almost every taste.  If any subject is suggested… I’ll attempt it.

If you visit my efforts please feel free to leave comments.   For those who prefer a particular topic there is a ‘bookcase” on my Starlite Cafe homepage with headings.  The site has changed management, which has caused some changes in their systems.

I hope you decide to visit and enjoy.

Thank you.

A direct link to my homepage on The Starlite Cafe site.

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