Part Five: Preface

Hi, I’m Jim Faulkner, and if you’ve read the first four parts of my tale, you’ll be acquainted with my progress, but curious as to how the story ends.

In Part One of my adventures, I explained how as a 17-year-old I left my native Glasgow to join the British Army. I introduced you to the ups and downs of training.

In Part Two, I joined my first working unit in England, but the unit moved to Dortmund, Germany. In those early days I enjoyed life, before I discovered a thousand ways to get into trouble. In 1973 the members of our unit hit the streets of Belfast, Northern Ireland, in the role of infantry soldiers.

In Part Three, I returned to Northern Ireland. I was employed in a variety of tasks, working both in uniform and civilian clothes. I survived my two years, to follow it with a course in Catterick, and a two-year posting to West Berlin. Again, I faced, but lost the arguments with my demons.

In 1977, I married Avril and she joined me in Berlin. During my first year as a married man I maintained high work standards and raised my social standards.

We went to West Germany to a Signal Regiment where I was promoted on arrival. Inside a couple of years I had my second stripe and the only impressions I was making were good ones.

I next worked in a unique squadron within another Signal Regiment, and established myself as an all-round good bloke and stable NCO. By the time I was posted to my next job in yet another Signal Regiment I was better focused on every aspect of my life, and I was a dad. I had a hunger to achieve, to gain promotion and responsibility. Had I left it too late? I would find out, and now, you can too.

There is no requirement for the reader to have been in the Armed Forces, although it might be beneficial to have read the earlier parts of my tale.

It is a human story –  A Life of Choice.


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