A Taste of Honey

On 14th June 2003, Kimberley Forest a detective with the NYPD, is awakened by the buzz of her cell phone. She checks the display and sees that the caller is Harriet, her teenage sister. When Kimberley listens to her cell, she hears a brief conversation between two men.

In less than an hour, the off-duty officer is driving 700 miles to the family home in Greensburg, Indiana. What Kimberley finds in the basement has a profound effect on her. Her teenage sister’s fate initiates a chain of events that will affect the lives of many others, and not in a good way.

Kimberley mysteriously disappears and a merciless vigilante begins a reign of summary justice.



12 thoughts on “A Taste of Honey

    1. Sales are creeping up slowly, but at least it now has reviews on both sides of the pond. Looking at the amount of blood on your site I think it will appeal. 🙂


    1. Thank you Julia. It gives me the confidence to let my thoughts wander to a sequel. I’ve ditched the stories for children idea, but I’ll write a dedicated blog post about that. I will now be concentrating on my coming-of-age military story and then my two vigilante sequels. Your blog is looking good, and I’m really pleased for all you have lined up.:)


  1. Julia Lund

    So many ideas … not enough time for them all! I know how that feels; I have notebooks full of ideas I may never write. I look forward to reading your thought processes. The idea of sequels sounds good – great that your characters still have many places to go, and the military coming-of-age, well you’ll have more than enough research under your belt for that one.


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