Poetry Anthologies

From starting to write poetry in December 2007 until September 2012, I have written in excess of 700 poems.

My verse consists of individual pieces and many series. On websites, I write poetry under the pen-name Tomfoollery but my eBooks will be written under my own name.

In an effort to prove that poetry is not simply about flowers, butterflies and bunny rabbits my work in verse covers such topics as Humour, Natural History, Romance, Crime, Thriller, Adventure, Military (true and imagined), and the Supernatural.

Please feel free to follow the link and indulge yourself – and I promise not to tell anyone.



Where most of the effort is put in ....

Where most of the effort is put in ….

I have now moved my novel and poetry volumes to Amazon / Kindle.

If you at home using Amazon – feel free to go along and browse my ebooks. The poetry series is now titled, ‘An Anthology of Poetry’ and is easily checked out by going to my author’s page.

Either at:



or at:




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