Selena: Sea Nymph

While relaxing in the sun on a favourite perch, Selena, an aquatic beauty sees a craft in the water not too far away. The sails are being folded and the vessel is gently riding on the surface.

It is 2058 AD, and the human race has reached a new low in its mistreatment of the world it inhabits. The self-acclaimed, ‘intelligent’ species have begun to plunder depths that should have been left alone—the seas and oceans. Deep-sea mining disturbs more than the seabed, and might incur the wrath of creatures that for hundreds of years were considered a myth.

Selena has the opportunity to communicate with the terra-folk and make them see sense. She must decide if she is the right individual, and how to perform the task. The sea nymph’s choices will have a direct effect on the future of her species and that of the human race.

This will be my first attempt at Sci-Fi / Paranormal / Fantasy.

4 thoughts on “Selena: Sea Nymph

  1. Hi Tom, I think I’d like to hear a bit more about Selena and what she has to do than how humans have wrecked the seas. As we all now we’re destroying the world already.

    Hope that helps and I’d love to see revisions if you make them – can’t wait to read this one. Theresa

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    1. Sincere thanks to you, Theresa. This is just the sort of thing I was hoping for, and as you would recognise, it’s a great guide for development. I’ll be sure to give you a heads up when I rework the blurb. Personally, I tend to redo them as I get deeper into the story. 🙂

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      1. Hello again, Theresa. I’ve revisited the blurb, and have uploaded the first five chapters to the Work in Progress/Selena: Sea Nymph menu. 🙂


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