Flash in the pan…

I sincerely hope my first attempt at Flash Fiction is not a ‘flash in the pan’.  Being the eternal optimist I am going to aim for one of these mini-stories every week.  A lot of my writing of any type is done on my train journeys.  Perhaps I’ll set myself aside a particular day where my concentration is solely on a piece of flash fiction.  If it hones my skills then all to the good.


It’s a mystery to me…

When I commence a story I can write happily for a while without any literary references or quick checks with Wikipedia.  In my latest competition entry I am not afforded the luxury of either of these things.  The Global Writers competition for December is themed on ‘surreal’ so my tale so far is fantasy/science fiction/adventure with some dialogue thrown in for good measure. 

Word count will be a secondary consideration for me on this one because my concentration at the moment is satisfactory telling of the story.  I’m not a big fan of fantasy or science fiction when it comes to reading and I don’t want to know what other entries are about because I want to attempt this without outside influence.  We’ll see how it goes soon enough because I only have so many more days to edit before I end up with the final draft. 

Merry Christmas to anyone who happens by.