Flash in the pan…

I sincerely hope my first attempt at Flash Fiction is not a ‘flash in the pan’.  Being the eternal optimist I am going to aim for one of these mini-stories every week.  A lot of my writing of any type is done on my train journeys.  Perhaps I’ll set myself aside a particular day where my concentration is solely on a piece of flash fiction.  If it hones my skills then all to the good.

2 thoughts on “Flash in the pan…

  1. Chloe

    Tom, have you heard of Write Invite? It’s a literary flash fiction league. Every Saturday at 5:30pm they put up three possible topics and then you have until 6pm to write and submit a story on one of them. You get points for entering, winning or being shortlisted. Three entries are shortlisted and anyone who participated can vote for the winner that week (you also get a point for voting). All entries get a little one line critique. I meant to play at least 15 times last year (some people play every week!) but only got round to it twice – I’m usually busy Saturday afternoons. But you can play as often or not as you like and it’s a very good discipline. The league’s getting quite big now and I recognise a few names from competitions I’ve entered.


    With best wishes from somewhere near base camp (we can keep this going some time yet!). Chloe


    1. Tom

      Hi Chloe. Thank you for checking in. I’ve copied the site for my Blogroll and any Saturday not at work… I’ll be on it! Thank you for the heads-up. Now get back into your bivouac and get some hot tea into you girl. Tom


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