Selena – the first five chapters

As I’ve said before, Selena: Sea Nymph is my first foray into the paranormal and fantasy arena. I have intentionally avoided reading mermaid or similar stories because I’d prefer my creative notions are not influenced by other authors.

In a relatively short time, I’ve revised the original blurb and the introductory chapter. My Work in Progress for this tale now boasts the new blurb and the first five chapters. I have enabled ‘comments’ for the blurb and all of the chapters, a decision not made lightly.

If you’d like to read and comment it is not a prerequisite that you either read or write sci-fi, fantasy or paranormal. You can use the links from this post, or select chapters from the Work in Progress menu.

Why am I taking such a step so early with this story?

There are authors who are comfortable writing one genre, their work is well-received, and therefore this produces a win-win situation.

I thrive on pushing myself, stretching the boundaries of my creativity. On many occasions, for me, a single image will inspire a new short story or novel, and so it joins my shortlist.

I’m hoping that any responses to these early chapters are encouraging, but we shall see.


Chapter 1 – Realisation

Chapter 2 – Friendship or Alliance?

Chapter 3 – Negotiations

Chapter 4 – Friends or Foes?

Chapter 5 – Dangerous Assumptions

A Taste of Honey – published

atasteofhoney(1)Having already produced three novels and two collections of short stories, I’ve learned that it takes several drafts and many days and months of work to produce something close to a good story. That is vital to me.

I believe that the most important thing I’ve learned has come from reviews of my work. Judging from sales figures and comments I started to appreciate where my audience wanted to be taken.

In my novel writing, I started with Ten Days in Panama (a romance-based thriller). Next I tried more action with Beyond The Law (a crime-based thriller). My third project was experimental. I aimed to tie together a travel guide and story in Amsterdam Calling (a psychological thriller).

Each of my forays into the thriller genre have led to me tackling different sub-categories and this next one is different again.

A Taste of Honey is essentially a one-woman fight against evil. The evil in question consists of more than one perpetrator, so the heroine has to stay one step ahead of the law. Anyone who has read my novels or short stories will be acquainted with my style and desire to see justice.

Honey dishes out that justice in spades.

The story is set in the USA so it is no accident that I’ve spent many hours attempting to dig out the British English and replace it with a language that our American cousins would feel more at home reading. I don’t believe the reading experience is spoiled for the British reader, but I’ve no doubt I’ll find out soon enough.

From idea to publication has taken four months, so has that time scale created any issues?

It has created issues, if I was to say that I’ve hardly been near this blog, or anybody else’s blog. I devoted my time, day and night to this story. The final version is the sixth draft although I feel sure that I could have spent more time and refined it further. There comes a point when we have to say, okay the job is done.

If you do decide to try my latest novel, please consider leaving a review. I’ve taken the precaution of giving the story the option of a sequel, but a sequel will be dependent on how Honey’s introduction goes with readers.

In 2015 I will be producing a sequel to Beyond The Law.
I am now going to catch up with some blogs before I settle down to my next story. As always, thank you for reading and remember, comments are always welcome.