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Coming Around and other erotic stories – available

Coming Around - 020714 Coming Around and other erotic stories, is now available on Amazon for Kindle owners and on Smashwords for other eReader owners, like Kobo.

Live links:

Amazon.co.uk £1.96*

Amazon.com  $3.29*

Smashwords.com $3.29*

*These prices are estimated due to the publishing sites sometimes being out by a few pence/cents.

I’m now registered with Kobo Writing Life, but due to content issues with their extensive Terms and Conditions I will not be publishing this book there. With effect from July 2014 I will be publishing all my other titles with Kobo. I apologise for any inconvenience to Kobo reader users.

This collection is an even bigger experiment than my novels. I will first of all be keen to see if it sells, but how it’s accepted and whether anybody leaves a review is very important to me.

I’ve already decided and said so in the inside information, if I capture sufficient interest and reviews I’ll seriously consider a novel in this genre.

Whether or not you buy, you can go to Amazon or Smashwords to sample.

Thank you for coming by.

Oh my Wordle …

Proportion of word usage in ‘Ten Days’ – Chapter 3

Welcome to the world of Wordle.  Until today I had never visited the site although I had a knowledge of ‘word clouds’.  I must say a big thank you here to my online friend and fellow blogger Chloe for pointing me in the direction of this incredible tool.

My romantic novel ‘Ten Days’ is now at a point where a lot depends on; feedback from my five sample readers, the response from my proof-reader and the results of the person tackling the design for the front cover.  Personally I’m in the process of reading a hard copy of the manuscript, word by word and line by line.

I was aware of the overuse of some words but not others.  It’s a romantic novel featuring two main characters; Pete and Gloria, so you might well expect them to appear a lot.  In my Wordle experiment, I found that to be the case so I was pleased.  After subjecting the entire novel to the filter effect of the Wordle system it seems that I rather like the word ‘looked’.

No, that’s not quite correct.  I’m lazy where the word ‘looked’ is concerned, so I should now be seeking to alter it on many occasions to a word of similar meaning … and I’ve ‘looked’ and there are several out there.  I would recommend Wordle to all writers.

Progress on the novel?  Yes, I think I can say with confidence that I’ve made some.  I’ve got the main task done, which is reaching the end of the third draft.  My read-through will be a tidy-up and then my proof-reader will highlight issues for me.  I have the opinions of one of my sample readers already and I’m confident in my cover designer’s ability.

I’ve decided to take the self-publishing route through Smashwords to produce an e-book.  I’ve read all three books produced by the man behind SmashwordsMr. Mark Coker.  Once I’ve managed to work my way through that system I’ll tackle the Amazon Kindle method.  One step at a time eh!

My aim is now to get the book out there for early-mid November.  I have plenty of work to do yet and I still have to depend to a great extent on other people.  One last thing to do is a bit of self-marketing.  My website is now up and running, ‘Tom Benson – Creative Writer and Artist’.  If you’ve checked in here, please feel free to check in there too, browse and leave a comment in the Guestbook.  I’m constantly adding to my art portfolio on the site so it’s not just writing in there.