Coming Around and other erotic stories – available

Coming Around - 020714 Coming Around and other erotic stories, is now available on Amazon for Kindle owners and on Smashwords for other eReader owners, like Kobo.

Live links: £1.96*  $3.29* $3.29*

*These prices are estimated due to the publishing sites sometimes being out by a few pence/cents.

I’m now registered with Kobo Writing Life, but due to content issues with their extensive Terms and Conditions I will not be publishing this book there. With effect from July 2014 I will be publishing all my other titles with Kobo. I apologise for any inconvenience to Kobo reader users.

This collection is an even bigger experiment than my novels. I will first of all be keen to see if it sells, but how it’s accepted and whether anybody leaves a review is very important to me.

I’ve already decided and said so in the inside information, if I capture sufficient interest and reviews I’ll seriously consider a novel in this genre.

Whether or not you buy, you can go to Amazon or Smashwords to sample.

Thank you for coming by.

5 thoughts on “Coming Around and other erotic stories – available

  1. lol… I think it might be one of those books that people will read (and enjoy!), but will be less likely to admitting to, or at least not quite so publicly; you know, the way people would read Lady Chatterly in the past, but hidden inside the covers of Reader’s digest. It might be an idea trying to publicize it more in one of the Goodreads ‘erotica’ groups, of which there are many I believe.

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  2. Julia Lund

    Hi Tom. Well done for going with your determination to write in a genre that seems to polarise opinion. Personally, if I may use an analogy here, I am a very good cook and I love food. I love to think about it. I love to visualise the meals I will take great pleasure in preparing for the people I love to feed. There is little that gives me as much enjoyment as having the time to wander the aisles of shops I rarely frequent, picking up jars and packets I am not familiar with, slipping them into my basket to experiment with alongside my tried and trusted ingredients. What I loathe is watching cookery programmes or reading cookery books. Yes,sometimes I accidentally stumble across some TV chef telling the world how (s)he thinks food should be prepared and presented, and I do own some recipe books. But if anyone should flick through those books, they would find the back covers stuffed with notes in my handwriting, scribblings that catalogue some of the ideas I have been successful with over the years.Not that I often go back and read them again.
    On the other hand, I have friends, also excellent cooks who love food as much as I do, but who devour cookery books and adore particular chefs, hanging on their every word and TV demonstration. Do I think the food these friends prepare is inferior to my efforts? Of course not! Do I want to take away their books and ban their TV channels? No! I would no more do that than expect them to insist I give up my own food preparation habits in favour of theirs. I have tasted and I have chosen!
    Taste buds differ and I say: “Vive la différence!”

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    1. Thank you Julia for such an insightful way of looking at what was a dilemma for me. Now that you mention them, ‘taste buds’ are one of the central aspects of the collection. 🙂
      It’s done now, and just like your cookery, if people don’t like it, they can either say so, or not, as they see fit. There have been several sales, although sadly only one review so far. I might put it out as a freebie on Amazon next weekend just to see what happens. I’ll make a subtle reference to the result in a blog post. 🙂


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