Hello and welcome!

I am presently convalescing and therefore have the opportunity of a few days to kick-start my blog.  Three days ago I had my gallbladder removed so I’m not moving around too quickly.  The holes made during the operation may have been small but it feels as if the offending organ put up a fight against it’s eviction. 

So that it doesn’t come across as just another gush of personal blurb I’ve decided to share some of my efforts.  I would appreciate any and all comments on my writing.  As a novice at this particular idea (the blog), I’ve set it up with a link to my poetry, included some short stories and introduced my autobiography with the first chapter in it’s entirety. 

As things stand I want to embrace the blog as a means of self-expression, a marketing tool and a social link.  If you’re a writer and you happen by, please leave me your thoughts on what you find here and a link to your own work. 

Please take a look around, enjoy and comment.     Tom

4 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. wow Tom it is a very nice site indeed. I tried to come here earlier but there was nothing here lol don’t know maybe was my computer or what!
    Glad to see you are feeling better to Dawling teehee xox


    1. Tom

      Hello my friend. Glad you managed to find your way on here. Although I’ve added some short stories and the first chapter of my autobiography the main thing is that I keep up to date with writing about writing. I don’t want it to simply become a diary on the web. I want to try and produce a response or discussion with people about writing.
      Thank you once again for dropping in. I’ll be getting a couple of verses off to you later today for our next joint effort.
      Take care of each other.


  2. Hi Tom 🙂 thought I would pop by and say hello, and have a look at what you’ve written. Thank you very much for coming on over to say hi and for your advice on writing, I will certainly try your approach.
    Anyway, hope you are recovering well. I shall takesome time to read through your work over the next few days.
    Nari X


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