On Top Of The World

Getting my blog underway was challenging.  Improving it inside a couple of days and concentrating on the theme of writing gave a feeling of achievement. One of the three short stories I wanted to feature had already won a competition.  In October 2010, ‘DECISION AT THE ABBEY’ won a place in the English Heritage anthology, ‘WHITBY ABBEY: PURE INSPIRATION’ which was amazing. 

I checked my emails this morning to find that I have a fellow blogger subscribing to my site, thank you Cloe!  You’ll find I’m already signed up to yours.  I wanted to know you before you became famous. 

I read my second email to find that my short story, ‘DUTY BOUND’ is the joint winner of the monthly Global Short Story Competition for November.  I joined the site in September this year so winning the monthly competition is an ambition fulfilled. 

Check out Global Writers on my links… you might just like it.

5 comments on “On Top Of The World

  1. Great stuff Tom! I love good news days! As a writer you get precious few of them – they are to be celebrated when they come 🙂

    We have some mutual friends I note…. small world.


  2. Thank you Chloe. You have me intrigued with the mutual friends…
    If you’d like to bring me up to speed check out bottom of my ‘About’ page.


    • I just looked at the lists of blogs you follow and saw Pete and Laura’s wedding blog. Before we moved away from Bristol, my husband and I were in the same church as them!


  3. Hi Amber. I hope you are well my friend. I would love to get together with you again. A couple of posts after this one you get a name check in ‘Collaborations’ … don’t know whether you spotted that one.
    Will drop you a short mail in a couple of hours. x


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