On Top Of The World

Getting my blog underway was challenging.  Improving it inside a couple of days and concentrating on the theme of writing gave a feeling of achievement. One of the three short stories I wanted to feature had already won a competition.  In October 2010, ‘DECISION AT THE ABBEY’ won a place in the English Heritage anthology, ‘WHITBY ABBEY: PURE INSPIRATION’ which was amazing. 

I checked my emails this morning to find that I have a fellow blogger subscribing to my site, thank you Cloe!  You’ll find I’m already signed up to yours.  I wanted to know you before you became famous. 

I read my second email to find that my short story, ‘DUTY BOUND’ is the joint winner of the monthly Global Short Story Competition for November.  I joined the site in September this year so winning the monthly competition is an ambition fulfilled. 

Check out Global Writers on my links… you might just like it.

5 thoughts on “On Top Of The World

  1. Chloe

    Great stuff Tom! I love good news days! As a writer you get precious few of them – they are to be celebrated when they come 🙂

    We have some mutual friends I note…. small world.


  2. Tom

    Thank you Chloe. You have me intrigued with the mutual friends…
    If you’d like to bring me up to speed check out bottom of my ‘About’ page.


    1. Chloe

      I just looked at the lists of blogs you follow and saw Pete and Laura’s wedding blog. Before we moved away from Bristol, my husband and I were in the same church as them!


  3. Tom

    Hi Amber. I hope you are well my friend. I would love to get together with you again. A couple of posts after this one you get a name check in ‘Collaborations’ … don’t know whether you spotted that one.
    Will drop you a short mail in a couple of hours. x


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