It would be wrong not to make mention of a friend from ‘across the pond’.  Until a couple of weeks ago I would never have considered writing anything in association with someone else. 

Amber, (pen-name Velvet Mist) suggested we try a collaboration in poetry.  We decided on a theme then wrote three stanzas apiece.  I sent my efforts to Amber so that she could merge the two sets of writing, add background, graphics and music before our piece was posted on site.  We were both satisfied with the finished product and it received positive comments from our peers. 

A few days ago we put another poem together, then following a few deft touches by my accomplice it was posted on the Starlite cafe site.  Once again the writing was adorned with suitable background and the whole presentation was improved accordingly.  Thank you Amber.

Our efforts are listed with active links in my Poetry page under Collaborations.