Less is More…

I’ve spent quality time with the edit of Chapter 2 of my autobiography.  I must have learned something in the last couple of years of constant reading and writing (about writing).  Only a few days ago this particular chapter had 17000 words.  It now has 12500 words. 

My intention remains to publish it here by 1st January 2011, so I will continue to work on it.  I managed to reduce Chapter 1 from 12000 words to 9000 words and ideally I would like every chapter to average 10000 words.

I’ll continue to select excerpts from each chapter to post separately.  At least if someone wants to get a flavour of the life I led they won’t have to go through every minor pitfall or achievement.  The excerpts for the most part are portraying incidents that bring a smile when I recall them.  That may not sound like much of a criteria but for now I’ll use it.