Reading and Writing

Last night for the first time I attended a recital at a local library.  It was an informal affair with an audience of about 25 – 30.  In attendance were a couple of the writers from our writing class which meets on a Tuesday evening.  Our tutor was there too, so at least he’s now been able to hear my poetry. 

I took along a short story and three poems of my own choosing.  They were distinctly different, being about reincarnation, Stonehenge and finally the spirit of a dead soldier saving comrades.  I was pleased I’d spent a couple of hours polishing what I thought were already decent pieces of verse.  It taught me for the umpteenth time never to be totally satisfied with my work.  I tend to be like that anyway with my art work.  (As seen on my portfolio albums in Facebook)

Suffice to say I enjoyed listening to the efforts of the others who read out their work and I enjoyed reading my own to a live and intimate audience.  At least now I know what to expect the next time… and there will be a next time.

2 thoughts on “Reading and Writing

  1. Well done, Tom 🙂 It must have taken guts to read out your work, and it sounds like it’s been a valuable experience. Keep it up 🙂
    Nari X


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