Keeping up Appearances

Attended my writing class / group tonight and once again enjoyed giving and receiving feedback on the written word.  Our tutor and leader, John, started the session by letting us know that our recent recital was appreciated by our audience.  We, as a group are known as the Inkerman Writers.   It feels good to me personally to ‘belong’ to an organisation, apart from work.  I’ve been a team player all my life so it feels right to be a part of something. 

A few of us have put forward stories for possible selection in a ‘talking book’.  Until now, I’ve never considered the idea that my imagery would have to be good enough to illuminate a story for a blind or partially-sighted person, but the thought of it has made me realise just how much the written word can mean… especially if it’s being read to someone who can’t see. 

My tale about a UN soldier trapped in an African town is developing well.  He finds himself alone after the loss of his comrades when their armoured vehicle is blown up by a rocket-propelled grenade.  I now have a title, ‘Photographic Memory’.  The first paragraph is completed, the final paragraph is roughly written and the ‘issues’ he has to deal with between the two points are coming together.

Have visited Chloe and Nari’s blogs to catch up with their progress and leave hopefully encouraging comments.

Finally, but important in it’s own right, I’ve almost completed the editing of Chapter 3 of the autobiography.  My aim is to have it posted on here by mid-February.