Photographic Memory – origins

My tale about a UN soldier being stranded in an African township after his patrol vehicle is blown up.   This short story started it’s life as a project for the weekly writing class I attend as one of the Inkerman Writers.  My inspiration came from watching various news footage and seeing the acceptance on the faces of some of the older generation.  Our leader, John Dean proposed that we have our story develop   over a seven to ten week period.  All writers would then read out their completed work in the last three weeks of term .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

The week after initiating our stories he gave us the task of introducing a character that didn’t originally belong to see how it would affect the dynamics of the tale.  As reported in a recent blog post, I introduced a character and killed him off rapidly, but he played his part. 

Recently, as is my habit I’ve been working on more than one story but this one was crying out to be completed.  I spent six hours on it during my day off last week.  From initial draft of 2500 words, I’ve printed and edited it about seven times over the last four days.  I did manage to leave it aside for one whole day.  It arrived at the point where I was satisfied with it just two hours ago, complete with target count of 2000 words.  I’ve entered it into the Global Writers Short Story Competition for February.

For anyone interested, it’s also posted here in the left hand column under Short Stories.

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    1. Tom

      Thank you Chloe. I’ve now got it posted here on my blog listed under Short Stories. I’ve also added a line to my ‘intro’ post to highlight it to any future readers. Unlike other competitions Global Writers allow you to have your story on your blog.


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