Something worth looking at

Let’s get more creative, I thought.  What better than bringing my other main interest into play?

On the subject of writing there isn’t going to be many graphics I could use before it gets seriously boring to anybody who pops in regularly, which for my blog is more than once…

With these thoughts in mind I’ve decided to introduce my artwork to decorate and hopefully add a bit more interest to my posts. 

Any and all thoughts/opinions/ comments are appreciated as always. 

I’m starting with one of my personal favourites … a young lady by the name of Julie Desmond. 

For the sake of any ladies checking in I will make an effort to locate men that I’ve drawn, though I must warn you there will not be many.  To balance things I may just insert some random paintings or drawings.

2 thoughts on “Something worth looking at

    1. Tom

      Your kind comment brought a smile Chloe. I’ve only seen two pictures of you but I can see your Paul is a lucky man … Perhaps one day if you come across a decent portrait shot of yourself, preferably digital, you could attach it in an email to me. Obviously only if you’d like me to try drawing your portrait …
      Thanks again.


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