A week of variety

   For this post I’ve added the lovely Katherine Jenkins.  It’s a portrait I created on black card using soft pastels.  I achieved the look I wanted which is nice when it happens.                                                   

Katherine Jenkins

On the writing front over these last few days I’ve actually been working on my novel.  I’ve also been choosing and editing a selection of poetry to send to a publisher.  The novel, not surprisingly is an ongoing project.  My poetry on the other hand is so wide ranging in subject matter that I found it difficult to choose what I thought was appropriate. 

My final selection, be it right or wrong, is spread across five genre, which has allowed me to list four pieces for each.  I’ve avoided the idea of going with different forms.  Any publisher would expect that you know a variety of forms. 

My reading this week has been the brilliant book, ‘The Writer’s ABC Checklist’ by Lorraine Mace and Maureen Vincent-Northam.  I’ll write a dedicated review of the book in my next post because it would be unfair to the authors unless I do it justice. 

Strange as it may seem, whilst reading the superb book of information for writers I came up with the idea for my next short story.   The theme bears no relation to the book or it’s content – it’s a tale about terrorism and the fight against it.