As easy as ‘ABC’…

The graphic chosen for this piece is an acrylic painting of a rose that we grew in the garden last summer.  I tried to capture the actual flower when it was at it’s finest.  My painting is approximately 3ft wide by 2ft deep and took over two months of work. 

Rose in acrylic

My copy of the ‘Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook’ may be the 2010 edition but it still provides me with so much information and advice that I wouldn’t be without it.  Having said that, I have recently come to regard another book as a ‘must have to hand’. 

‘THE WRITER’S abc CHECKLIST’ by Lorraine Mace and Maureen Vincent-Northam is an incredible book.  The content covers every aspect of writing and is laid out in a user-friendly format.  It’s almost like a dictionary for writers but instead of a brief description the key word is followed by an easy to understand explanation. 

By the time I had read half way through I started to think up questions, then as rapidly as I could think of something, I found my answer.  Each word heading is listed in bold print and in most cases there are optional words to check out under the sub heading, ‘See also:’  

For example: Keeping Copies See also: Markets, Publishers, Rejections, Revision and Resubmitting.   There is too much information to go on listing examples but I cannot stress enough how easy it is to read and to use.   I congratulate and thank the two ladies concerned.

I’m finding it fun as well as informative.  I found myself making notes when I gave it my initial read-through and it’s already been the answer to a couple of issues I’ve had recently.  I look forward to thumbing it’s pages on a regular basis.