Telling Tales …

The drawing for this post I completed whilst I was on a course, still in the military.  I had to occupy my free time when I wasn’t running.  

'Thinking of you ... '
This week I finished work on ‘Coming Together’, a poem collaboration with Brandy, a poet friend in the U.S.  It should be added to my collaboration link in the next two days.

I’m now mid-way with ‘Flames of Desire’, another poem collaboration with Cheryl, another friend in the U.S. 

I decided that it was insufficient to suggest that I had a certain number of short stories underway without actually giving some idea of their plot.  To keep the record straight they are all at various stages of writing and editing:

‘One Man’s Mission’ – A young British / Asian man returns to the UK from a terrorist training camp in Asia.

‘Guardian Angels’ – A tale which involves a kidnapping and a Chapter of Hell’s Angels.

‘Windows of Opportunity’ – A young man waves his girlfriend off to work, then the day takes a strange turn.

‘Loose Ends’ – An assassin kills for what should be the last time.

All of these stories are destined for competitions so I hope to be adding them to my links before too much longer. 

This week has also seen my return to the Writer’s Cafe site after an absence of 18 months.  I have gone back there with a renewed confidence in my writing and importantly for me, also sufficient experience and knowledge to give constructive criticism.  It’s a friendly site and buzzes with competitions and feedback on a writer’s efforts.  Unlike some sites it facilitates the posting of both poetry and prose which for me is ideal.