A Novel Idea …

The accompanying drawing is one of a series I completed of young ladies.  I associated them with my work at the time.  

It’s widely believed that everybody has a book in them, a story worth telling.  Now after years of writing about my past and improving my skill I’ve started to write a fictional novel rather than my autobiography.

I believe a truthful, no-holds barred account would be a selfish and egotistical piece but a novel loosely based on my experiences would be more entertaining.  Producing a good story is more important to me than simply writing about my own military life as it was.

I have now produced my updated intro to my novel, ‘A Life of Choice’.  More importantly I’ve also rewritten Chapter 1 and revised three excerpts from that chapter.  The excerpts are a taster of the content and style of my novel.  They are ‘Gas Chamber’, ‘Live Firing’ and ‘Fitness …’

I would appreciate any reviews of my efforts because only then will I know if I am on track.


3 comments on “A Novel Idea …

  1. I’ve had a look at ‘Gas Chamber’ for you Tom. I liked it and wrote you a little comment there.


  2. It will be wonderful,Tom! I am happy to see that. I can see you are quite busy with your great ideas and I am so very happy about that!
    It is what I would like to see for my friend in writing!


    • Thank you for the visit and supportive comment Cher. It’s very kind of you to say my friend.


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