Windows of Opportunity

My drawing for this post is of Kimberley Davies who found brief fame in the early ’90’s in Austrailian soap Neighbours.  I was never a fan of the series but found this pose by Kimberley ideal for my portfolio.

Australian 'girl next door'

My title and theme for this entry is underlined by the fact that Kimberley took her chance, albeit for a short lived fame.  Taking a chance also applies to two short stories I’ve recently completed.  ‘Guardian Angels’ is about a kidnapper who gets mixed up with the Hell’s Angels.  The other tale, ‘Windows of Opportunity’ is about a yong man who finds a new and interesting pastime.

I’ve been working hard on these two stories simultaneously for a few weeks but they will not be featured on here for a while yet.  They are both entered for writing magazine competions, which means I can’t post them on a site or blog whilst they are under consideration.

A month away from my blog seems such a long time when looking at the dates but two weeks of it was spent on holdiay.  I enjoyed the total break from normality, though I did still write every day.  Getting up early to spend time writing has reaffirmed my intention to take a writing break.  Rather than bluster on about it here I may write a blog post devoted to the idea.

For now, I send my sincere thanks to all visitors and I hope you’ve found something useful or entertaining on my site.

2 thoughts on “Windows of Opportunity

  1. Tom, I am really looking forward to reading your upcoming “Guardian Angels”. Your sketches show a great deal of talent, but I’m looking forward to your latest tale. Keep the ink flowing my friend, I’m intrigued as I know it will be well worth the read. You are so multi-talented, and it shines through brightly here on your site.


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