Maintaining a Presence

My graphic for today is a drawing I completed of Linda Lusardi, ex-glamour model.  For a few years in the 1980’s she adorned the pages of tabloid

Ex-model, still glamorous …

newspapers.  Back then she was stunning and I was reminded of her looks today when I saw her briefly on a celebrity cookery programme.  Since finishing her modelling career Linda became a ‘personality’ and has made regular appearances to ensure she isn’t forgotten too quickly.

On the subject of forgetting things, instead of finishing off the two short stories I’ve been working on for a few weeks I’ve added a third to the mix.  I know there are those that would prefer to get one done at a time but I feel more comfortable being able to move between different tales.  I’ve found that I may write something in a particular story that prompts an idea or a twist for one of the others.

The three stories are all totally different which I’m also pleased about.  I’ve already decided that when I ‘ve completed one of them I’ll begin another straight away to see if I can maintain three on the go.  In the background I’m still working on the rewriting of Chapter 2 of my novel.

As much as I try, I’ve found that I am still writing a regular poem.  I’ve written three recently, ‘Believe in Yourself’‘Welcome To My World’ and ‘My Garage’.  Strange I know, but the third of them was an exercise in ‘word painting’ to meet a challenge in The Starlite Cafe site.

I’ve posted a few more pieces of my artwork on the Apollo Blessed site as well as some more poetry.  It’s a friendly place and it’s nice to have more than one place to go.  Checking the sort of things other folk are posting can be quite inspirational.

2 thoughts on “Maintaining a Presence

  1. Hi Tom, sorry it’s been a while. I apparently never added you on my feed, so I’ve not been being reminded when you’ve posted new things.
    Well done for keeping up 3 on the go – I agree with you, it’s nice to be able to go between a few different stories. Otherwise I find I get fed up of one. You need a break from each one sometimes. How’s the rewrite for the novel going? Is it seeing improvement?
    Nari X


    1. Tom

      Hello Nari. Thank you for dropping by. You’ll see that there’s plenty of room on my blog for visitors … which I was thinking of renaming, ‘Billynomates’ LOL.
      The rewrite is going slowly because I’m writing about a life I was totally immersed in but I’m trying to do it as if it wasn’t me. Sometimes on a day off work (I work four days a week), I do nothing but listen to music and work on the story.
      Lest I forget my friend I’m heading over to your pages because I think I spread myself a bit thin (on too many sites) so getting to read everything by everybody is difficult.
      Tom x


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