Spreading the Word

I’ve chosen  for today’s graphic a soft pastel I drew of Shania Twain a couple of years ago.

A little bit of ‘country’ …

It wasn’t intentional but I’ve finished two of my three ongoing short stories within 24 hours of each other.  At first glance that might sound simple but one of them has been on the go for three months.  Continual editing, then leaving for a few days has I hope produced something reasonable.

‘Windows of Opportunity’ is set in modern times.  A young man watches his attractive girlfriend head off to work then he remembers he has the day to himself.  His day off work doesn’t go as planned.

‘Pawnee Express’ is set in North America during the 18 month period that young men glorified mail delivery.  My main character is Jim Cooper who at 16 is at an average age for a rider employed in the dangerous task.  One summer day his lust for adventure and excitement comes to fruitition when he has a life and death choice to make.

My intention was to send one of these to a magazine and post the other online but I’ve decided to take my chances and send them both to Writer’s Forum.  At least that way if they fail to make the grade I can still post them somewhere else.  Whatever happens I hope to have them both posted on here in a few weeks.

I like to think I’ve managed to gain control of that urge to just get my writing out there quickly.  I found that having three stories on the go at once worked well for me so at some point today I’ll do some work on Chapter Two of my novel, ‘A Life of Choice’ then I’ll read through some of my poetry in an effort to inspire two more short stories.

On the Apollo Blessed site I now have several poems posted and I have a good assortment of artwork shown in my ‘photo’ albums.  I’ve requested to become a member of the ‘Red Room’ group so that I can post a couple of my erotic short story efforts.  Should anyone reading this feel they’d like to check out Apollo Blessed it’s FREE to join but you must join to gain access.  As you complete the simple entry screen you add the name of the member who directed you to the site.  Easy.

I have several of my favourite ladies featured on my customised screen saver so I may well draw one of them over the next couple of days.  When I relax whilst drawing or painting I invariably come up with an idea for a story.

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  1. Just seen all your posts on my blog – definitely join in the 2011 NaNo gang! I’m so impressed with how many short stories you are getting on with too!


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