NaNoWriMo – HAWK update 1

I decided to investigate any other use of Hawk as the name of a crime-fighting hero. I came across a variety of entries when I used Google, so with effect from today my novel’s working title is changed to – HAWK, A HUMAN HUNTER.  I am still in the early stages with my novel.  The accompanying graphic is a drawing I did of a fox.  It may be a different animal but it came to mind as I thought of a hunter who is cunning, skilful and a colourful character.

another cunning, skilful and colourful character …

It’s Day Six of the writing challenge to beat all writing challenges the NaNoWriMo.  Perhaps it’s because it’s still early days or is it because I’ve just completed Chapter 3 … whichever it is, I still feel upbeat about my novel idea.  My next chapter is already underway … at least in my head.  Whilst things are going well I’m intending to continue with the tale.

Progress is being made by both me and my main character.  I had the good fortune to receive one of my writing magazines on Thursday through the post and what was featured in it … ‘chapters’ the building blocks of a novel.  Two things came to mind.

Firstly, when I read the article by James McCreet I decided it was as timely as any article could be to drop in your mailbox.

Secondly I thought it would be a good idea to write a letter to Writing Magazine to tell them of my good fortune and thank Mr. McCreet at the same time.  It seems like months since I saw my name in the letters page of a magazine … oh yeah, that would be because it has been months.

Time is moving on and so must my story so if you happen by please take a moment to sample HAWK, A HUMAN HUNTER.  All the first three chapters are featured on the links to the left on this blog.  If you should decide to have a peek I’d be delighted to see any comments you may have.  Feel free to say what you think … the Hawk isn’t real so he won’t be coming after you.