NaNoWriMo – HAWK update 2

The drawing for this post, from 1985,  is to symbolise that sometimes two heads are better than one.  This is a theory that bears fruit in Chapter 6 which I’ve just completed.

‘Two heads are better than one ….’

It depends of course what the objective is …

At the time of writing this, on completion of Chapter 6, I’ve estimated that I’m approximately 3,000 words behind schedule but I’m confident that with some effort on my days off work that I can make up some ground.  The most important thing is that the plot is rolling out more easily for me.  My main characters are appearing as I wanted and now one third of the way through, the action and pace are picking up.

In my next session, Chapter 7, I want to try to write it in one straight haul.  Not much to ask, some might say, but I’m aiming for it to be about 3,000 – 3,500 words.  If I want it to be gripping I feel much more comfortable continuing, rather than taking a rest.  It has to run in my mind like a movie so that I can get it all down quickly.  If I can get that completed and start Chapter 8 tomorrow morning I’ll be back on track.  Nothing like a bit of pressure to keep the imagination working.

Enough said.

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  1. Thanks for taking time out to visit my blog! I hope you get/got chapter 7 done in one go – by far the best way to write, I think (but so often hard to find the time to do – luckily my chapter are short!)


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