Am I crazy … or not? – Part 1

Ryman – Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I know that several people think that I am crazy, and that was before I made the decision.  Which decision?  I hear you ask.

It could be my stepping down from a management position, or perhaps reducing to a three day working week.  In the eyes of different folk it’s one or the other, but for most I suppose it’s because I’m doing both … at the same time.  My graphic is an acrylic of the Ryman, Newcastle Upon Tyne store where I’ve worked as a Deputy Manager for the last four years.  I completed the painting in 2009 to celebrate Red Nose Day.

Mainly thanks to my wife who is continuing to work, I have no major concerns regarding cashflow.  Olive (the wife), is the unsung hero in my situation, because I have her support.  She understands how much it means for me to devote quality time to my writing.  My motivation is based on several factors but I’ll mention more detail on that in my next post.

I am now well on the way with the third (and final) draft of my romantic novel ‘Ten Days’.  My sample readers will have their copies of the manuscript within a few days and a hard copy is already with my son, Andrew.  He has agreed to help me with the design of the cover and I know his design expertise will better anything I could come up with.

The Inkerman Writers writing group has recently re-established itself in a new base and I am in attendance once again every week.  The group is working on short stories for inclusion in an anthology which we aim to have published in the Spring of 2013.

At the time of writing I have two other short stories underway for competitions.  My writing schedule is rounded off by my attempts to write at least one poem a week for posting on  For the purposes of posting poetry on that site I’ve retained the pseudonym of Tomfoollery.