Thrills, Spills and Chills

‘Rhyme Scenes, Volume Five – Thrills, Spills and Chills’ is the latest in my series of poetry eBooks.

Diverse poetry to suit many tastes
Diverse poetry to suit many tastes

It contains 50 pieces of diverse poetry that would not sit well within my genre-based books.  In this one I cater for many tastes with such topics as; Murder, Heroism, Charity, Reincarnation, Theft, Self-sacrifice, Writing and the Supernatural.

Titles include; Jack The Ripper, Assassins, On Reflection, Still Life, Lingerie Salesman, Undercover, The Flash Club, Cop Killer, Big Game Hunter and many more.

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There is still another collection of 50 individual poems to come.  Instead of going ahead with another mix of topics with single pieces, my intention is to compile my first volume of ‘series’ poetry.   At present, Volume Six will be made up of four series; ‘Honey’, ‘Hawk’, ‘Augustus’ and ‘Fugitive’.  Although only four series, the completed collection will amount to around 60 poems.  There will be two further collections of series poetry after this one.