Positive thinking!

What do you have to complain about? It took me less than five minutes to adjust my outlook for the day. This morning I sat in front of my computer all ready to continue with my latest novel. This will be my third by the way, and my second romance.               I digress.

My working environment
My working environment

I decided that instead of opening the file and getting on with it, that I would check my emails and limited social media links. Next, I looked at my tray and saw it was about 2 inches deep in paperwork … that’s 5 centimetres deep, if you prefer metric. I was dismayed, because it meant I’d have to go through it and file or scrap the contents.

Even as I started, it struck me that I had no reason to be dismayed, annoyed, frustrated, irritated, or whatever other negative you’d like to insert. I’m alive, in reasonable health and spend most of my free time doing what I want to do. What right do I have to allow any negativity? It’s all about perspective.

1. I’m not involved in a disaster situation.

2. I’m not in hospital or suffering from a serious illness.

3. I don’t have crippling financial worries.

4. I have food, shelter and companionship.

5. I can afford to be a writer.

Now, try as I might, I could not list five things that were serious negatives in my life. What I’d like you to do dear reader, is look at your life and ask yourself if what is irritating you is a serious negative, or is it trivial. Could you list five serious negatives in your life?

I’ve completed the filing and scrapping of paperwork, so now I’m off to write … .

2 thoughts on “Positive thinking!

  1. This is exactly what I try to do Tom. Focus on the positives – otherwise, we are constantly stopping ourselves from moving forward by putting hurdles in the way. Great post.


  2. Marlayne

    Loved the thought given in this process. It’s great sentiment and something to absorb into our lives. Thank you.


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