Reasons to be cheerful

Yesterday I received my copy of Writers’ Forum through the mailbox, and opened it with the same enthusiasm it produces each month. I thought the ‘Prize Letter’ in the Readers’ Letter page was particularly good, but then I would, because it was mine.

My fuel tank ... and a message.
My fuel tank … and a message.

Apart from having my letter, ‘Chapter and Verse’, published, I had other reasons to be pleased about the event. First, it means I’ve won a year’s subscription to the magazine, but in my letter there is the subtle mention of my thriller, ‘Beyond The Law’, and my website. We need all the publicity we can get – right!

Today, I received an email from Robert Grieve Black, author of ‘Jammy Dodgers’ and several other books, all available on Amazon. Like me, Robert is a Glasgow man, which comes through in his writing. He wrote, in response to my review of Jammy Dodgers, which just goes to prove, you can get feedback on feedback. Check out Robert’s writing.

What am I working on? I’m still giving every spare moment to ‘Amsterdam Calling’. Instead of some simple notes, I’ve written a full cast of characters, a family tree, places of interest, and of course a comprehensive synopsis.

My next coffee is calling …

10 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful

    1. Many thanks Sal. I’ll make time to get over your way soon. I’m spending so much time with my present characters that I feel as if I know them, but I suppose that must be a good thing, eh.


  1. Marlayne

    I’m extremely pleased for you Tom. You are right in that we need all the publicity we can get and you’ve done a bang up job of it 😉 It’s nice to be recognized and you deserve it. Keep on writing so we reap the benefit of your stories. Marlayne


    1. Thank you once again Marlayne. As you’ll already appreciate, it’s nice to have the publicity, but it’s also good to have the support of our fellow writers. I’ll be dropping by Readwave in the next day or so to see how you’re doing.


  2. echoesofthepen

    I enjoyed this post,very cheerful and uplifting. Also took a look at the Amazon freebie pages for ‘Beyond the Law’ – looks promising, and have added it to my reading/review list for the near future if you don’t mind. It’s nearly one in the morning as I write this so forgive me if I leave it another day or so before reading through some of your other posts.
    cheers, Paul…


    1. Hi Paul, and thank you for the visit. I’ve been over your way and liked what I saw. Keep up the good work mate.


  3. echoesofthepen

    Many thanks for your kind comment on my ‘About’ page. ‘Beyond the Law’ is now on my kindle. I’ve a couple more books i’m racing through at the moment so bear with me if it takes a couple of weeks before I can review it but I’ll let you know as soon I do.
    ps, hope to see more of your contributions too in ‘Writer’s News’ in the future…


  4. chloefb

    Dear Tom, I lost you! When I moved to feedly from Google Reader last year, for some reason your blog didn’t make it on to my list – it should’ve done. It occurred to me yesterday I hadn’t heard anything from you for months and wondered if you’d quit writing. So I searched for you on google and here you are! You are now added to my feedly so I shouldn’t lose you again! God bless. x


    1. Hi Chloe. Thank you for getting in touch – it does mean a lot to me to keep up with certain people. I don’t think I helped things, by changing both the look and title of my blog on WordPress. I also lost the few ‘followers’ I had.
      I’m glad we’re back in touch – because I still want to say I know you when you become famous!
      I hope Paul is well and has the nursery all prepared …


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