Fifty Shades of … Hey!

All together now ... on my author's pages
All together now … on my author’s pages

I don’t have the total figures yet, but from 1st – 20th January 2014, my crime thriller, ‘Beyond The Law’ sold 50 copies. I was pleased to see several sales of the romance, ‘10 Days in Panama’, and delighted to see a variety of sales of my poetry anthologies.

Okay, I’m not about to organise a book-signing anytime soon, but that doesn’t bother me. In the first place, you don’t do book-signings for eBooks, and secondly, it would take up time I could otherwise use for writing. Having said that; I’m now investigating the idea of producing my novels in paperback.

The latest draft of ‘Amsterdam Calling’ is going well. It’s another romance, but it’s also an introduction to places of interest, in the city of the same name. There is a lot more to Amsterdam than ‘legalised’ substance smoking, and a well-known sex industry.

To whom would my next story appeal? Anyone who enjoys a modern romance is the first answer that comes to mind. I also believe it will appeal to all those people who say, ‘Amsterdam … I must go there sometime,’ and it will strike a chord with those who have actually been there. If you’ve visited the city, I’m sure it will bring back pleasant memories.

I’ll have to go now, because I’m aiming to publish in June, which means at least another draft, but probably two. In the meantime, if you haven’t checked out my first two novels, you can do so, at my author’s page on: or If preferred, you can read the first five chapters of either of my novels; here on my blog, or at my website:

4 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of … Hey!

  1. Marlayne

    Congratulations Tom. Fifty books isn’t that bad you’re well on your way. Hoorah for you! I appreciate your writings and look forward to even more, have some catching up to do in that area. Thank you for sharing your work and your news.


  2. From an ink smeared page

    Sounds like you’re powering on in your writing – congrats!
    And thanks for following my blog.


  3. echoesofthepen

    Hi there..
    just taking a leaf out of your book, and taking part of the w/end to catch up on blogs I follow. Just read a couple of your posts – your short story, ‘irresistible’ – excellent! And the fitness post in your lifestyle section – again, really enjoyed it.
    ps. have finally started ‘Beyond the law’, very enjoyable and authentic so far…


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