Tea, Breaks, and Inspiration

A couple of days ago, I constructed a new section in my website, titled: Tea, Breaks, and Inspiration, which at first glance might cause the casual observer to question the relevance to writing or art. 

Gaining inspiration in a castle, high above the Mosel River - Cochem, Germany

Gaining inspiration in Reichsburg Castle, high above the Mosel River – Cochem, Germany

Whilst out and about, whether on a shopping trip, a day away, or on holiday; I always carry a notebook and pen. Yes, always. Some passages in my novels and short stories were born during a tea or coffee break, either when out for the day, or on holiday.

A camera is useful, especially if on your phone, as I’ve discovered since buying my first Smartphone a few weeks ago. I have also been known to use a digital voice recorder. Having said that; I’m still convinced that nothing works quite as well as a few well-chosen words in a notebook.

You can be imaginative, or you can use Google and Wikipedia, but nothing captures the atmosphere, architecture, and general feel of a museum or other location, quite like the written word, dealt with, right there on the scene. On the odd occasion, I’ve been visiting a city and stopped for a few minutes, to write down what I see. People, vehicles, buildings, and the occasional snippet of conversation can be noted.

When I’m sitting with my tea or coffee in front of me … and piece of cake of course, I look at my brief notes, and top them up with a little information. I believe ‘real’ research gives creative writing an authority, and that can only come from the confidence of the writer.


What are you waiting for? Get your notebook, and go out for a while.


9 comments on “Tea, Breaks, and Inspiration

  1. Lots of what I write starts of as some scribble in a note book, (including that little ‘KillBill’ observation).


  2. Somehow that doesn’t surprise me Paul. Observation is the key, and I’ve already noticed that you employ it well mate. Thanks for dropping by.


    • My pleasure. Did you get my reply about not worrying about the ‘mm’ formatting? If not, just to let you know I had no issues with it, all looks fine…


    • Thank you for dropping by Joylene. I’m in my early 60’s, but fortunately I’m a firm believer that 60 is the new 40. Now let’s not have any more of those weak excuses girl! I don’t believe a word of it anyway … you’re only saying it to make others feel better. LOL


  3. I agree! I always carry a notebook around with me! You never know where you might find inspiration! I always have to leave it next to my bed too incase an idea strikes before I go to sleep… If I don’t write it down I know it’ll be gone by morning. Great read! 🙂


  4. Thank you for sharing these thoughts as it was a reminder to me, Though I own no cell phone to take photos or recordings, your remarks have led me to go purchase batteries for my voice recorder on my nightstand to record nighttime inspirations/visitations, or carry in my purse for just such times. I also use pen and paper carried with me to write down ideas so they are not forgotten.


    • Hi Marlayne. Thank you for dropping by. It’s a sobering thought that JK Rowling wrote the early Harry Potter series in a café.
      I’ll be over to check up on you soon my friend. Keep that notebook filling up with ideas.


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