The Self-Publishing Conference 2014

All together now ... on my Author's Pages
All together now … on my Author’s Pages

   If you are in the UK, and involved in self-publishing, this is for you. The Self-Publishing Conference 2014, is taking place on Sunday 30th March in Leicester.

The sessions available include: working successfully with bookshops and libraries, creating the best media pitch, importance of an author website, writing a successful press release, and much more.

The conference is an all day affair, complete with breaks and lunch. At only £55, I believe it’s money well-spent for any self-publishing author, whether working on adult material, or children’s books.

Even if we don’t take all the advice that’s offered to us, we owe it to ourselves to find out what is on offer out there, and this has to be one of the most beneficial days any self-published author could spend. It’s being held on a Sunday, so negates the need for taking a day off work, if like me, you still have a ‘day job’, of however many hours.

This is one of my shortest posts, but I think it’s important to get the word out there. If you’re a writer in the UK – check it out. All the details you might need are obtainable on the link. 

It’s one day and it could do so much for you.

The Self-Publishing Conference 2014


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  1. echoesofthepen

    Cheers for posting this. As luck would have it am not working that Sunday. Just need to decide on which sessions would be most useful to me, but will definitely be there…


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