Stellar Cloud – a review

Cover_1[1]Before I mention the book, ‘Stellar Cloud’, I think it would be pertinent to put something in perspective. My reason for reading Science Fiction was no accident. I believe in broadening my horizons as a writer, by reading widely.

During the A to Z challenge, I enjoyed following Charity Bradford’s blog. The posts she used throughout the challenge were based on Dr Who, the classic British time-travel series.

In itself the topic could be given a light-hearted or devil-may-care treatment, but irrespective of anyone else’s opinion, the alphabet was followed and good posts appeared each day.

The relevance of those challenge posts is simply that Charity’s passion for the genre shines through in them. That same passion allows her to write not only entertaining, but convincing stories in a genre that I do not normally read.

Okay, the average person might think, Science Fiction is not for me, but consider something for a moment. If a story is well told, does it really matter if it’s set in Arkansas, Frankfurt, Rome, or on the planet Zorg?

In ‘Stellar Cloud’ I found a variety of stories that produced the same empathy I would expect for characters in a traditional tale. The imagery was well drawn, the dialogue was natural, and the stories were well told. I found myself believing in each story, and it was thoroughly enjoyable.

I was delighted to find that each story was different. Irrespective of genre, many writers tend to write repetitive tales and they only differ in location and character names. The situations and conflicts in the ‘Stellar Cloud’ collection are sufficiently different.

Charity brings her book to a close with a Prologue and Chapter 1, for her novel, ‘The Magic Wakes’.

I would suggest if you haven’t tried Science Fiction, then Charity’s offerings are a good place to start.


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  1. It’s interesting you mention that because there are occasions when I’ve enjoyed a sci-fi novel, even though it’s not my thing. If the story is character-driven, like Hunger Games or Matched (although those are dystopian–does that count?), it can be set anywhere. Where stories lose me (even Harry Potter) is when they become extremely action-based and less about the character interactions. I know many people love that sort of thing–I just burned out on it in my 20s and can’t enjoy it anymore.



  2. I think it is important to read widely across genres, too. I even got into reading about Zombies and had a barrel of laughs. Found some good writing there as well. I’m planning a post on “Zombie Grammar.”


    • That sounds like an interesting idea. I enjoy zombie stories–even though I’m an old woman. 😊


    • Now this is a genre I’ve never tried, but going by your comment, I’ll be getting onto it soon I think. I did come across a blogger who writes the Zombie material, so I’ll chase it up.


  3. Tom, I clicked the Amazon link, and based on your reccomendation and what I read, bought the ebook. I happen to be a syfy fan, and this was right up my alley. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


    • Happy to be of service m’dear. Having seen your comment about reading of Zombies – you are NOT an old woman. There might be an old woman contained in there somewhere, but keep her in there for a few years yet. The one doing the writing is young. 😉


      • Aw, thanks, Tom. That old woman is just beginning to show on the outside, and I think that’s where she’ll always stay. Inside, I’m still the wild, quirky–sometimes raunchy–girl I was at sixteen. Now I understand what my mama meant when, at about the same age I am now, she told me that when she looked in the mirror, she wondered just who was that old woman staring back at her, she still felt like SHE was sixteen. 🙂


  4. Awe! Thanks Tom! I’m really glad you enjoyed Stellar Cloud.

    I too enjoy reading across many genres and I think that helps me as a writer. Life isn’t just one thing so why should our writing be slanted only one way?

    Did we meet a few years ago as part of Rachel Harries writing campaign? I’m afraid I’ve been bad about my following others like I did back then ever since google reader died.


    • Hi Charity. No, we’ve never met on here before. I’ve only had a blog for a couple of years, and this one is my fresh attempt at – since about December last year. I have more time now to concentrate on social media so maybe I’ll do a better job this time. I am glad to be back to my writing. lol


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